Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zorzi: Jazz Comes to Murray Hill via Venetian Restaurant

(Warren Chiasson)
Chic Venetian restaurant and lounge Zorzi located in Murray Hill (1 East 35th Street) will begin offering jazz on Saturday evenings from 8pm - 11:30pm in their main dining room.
The weekly series, coordinated by Charles Carlini of In Touch Entertainment, begins in earnest on June 26 with the Grant Stewart Trio. For reservations or info, please call (212) 213-9167.
Zorzi serves Northern Italian specialties (including plenty of polenta and seafood), plus pasta classics from other regions, in a stone-and-metal space warmed by glass sculptures and old foreign films playing on the walls; upstairs is a retro-looking lounge, furnished with colorful, amorphously soft sofas and chairs.
Music Calendar

June 26 - Grant Stewart Trio featuring Joe Cohn

July 3 - Vanderlei Pereira Trio featuring Cidinho Texeira

July 10 - Warren Chiasson Trio featuring Joe Cohn

July 17 - Sarah Hayes Trio featuring John Colianni

July 24 - Warren Vaché Trio

July 31 - Harry Allen Trio

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