Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Obama - "June 5th success"

"Dear Arnaldo:

According to our files, you are currently living in California's 30th Congressional District.

OFA's Vote 2010 Kick-Off last weekend was a huge success. From folks knocking on doors in the rain in Mississippi, to volunteers making phone calls in California, and volunteers collecting pledge cards in a coffee shop in Tennessee, the energy was incredible.

Thousands of people across the country got their friends, neighbors, and fellow volunteers to pledge to vote this fall. First-time voters from Maine to Oregon signed commitments that they would turn out again in November.

In Kansas City, Mattye spoke about why she was canvassing: "The President can't come down here to do the work for us -- we've got to fight for what we believe in and hold onto the progress we've obtained."

Charlie in Chicago explained why reaching out to voters works so well: "One advantage that I have as an ordinary person is that I can relate to other ordinary people. I am the message. People like me are the message. If they look at me and think, 'If he's doing this, and I understand why he's doing this, maybe I can relate to him and go back to the polls this November.' The other side has fear and anger. They don't have what we have."

Watch a video of the highlights from this weekend's Vote 2010 Kick-Off.

Everything you did this weekend made a difference. It's just a start, but every door you knocked, every phone call you made, every voter you talked to -- that's the energy that will make the difference in races across the country this November.

Take a minute and watch the highlights video:

Thanks for all you do,
Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director - Organizing for America"

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