Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crime of the Month - "Sinatra & Jobim: The Complete Reprise Recordings"

Crime of the Month
Sinatra & Jobim: "The Complete Reprise Recordings" (Concord)

9 for the musical content - the only shame is an horrible version of "Desafinado" in a ridiculous singing duet; it's easy to understand why Frank Sinatra never wanted this track to be released...
0 for the new mixing - landmark albums like these don't need to be remixed, it's something to be avoided at all costs; the new terrible mixing (by Larry Walsh) destroyed the original ambiance and was done to please the Ipod generation that dislikes a big stereo range; on track 13, "Someone to Light Up My Life," Sinatra seems to be stranguled, and elsewhere his voice sounds metallic; Jobim's acoustic guitar also was deteriorated, sounding thin and metallic, like the drums too; and where's the bass??? the new mix ruined Ogerman's and Deodato's orchestrations; it's a multiple crime!
0 for the dull remastering - the entire re-equalization (by Dan Hersch) completes the disaster;
1 for the ridiculous liner notes (by Stan Cornyn), full of stupid anecdotes, wrong infos (Cornyn insists that Frank invited Claus Ogerman to arrange the 1967 album, when everybody knows that Claus - who had never worked with Sinatra before - was Jobim's choice) and arrogant comments; the booklet includes the famous photo of Sinatra & Jobim with Dom Um Romão, Ray Gilbert & Aloysio de Oliveira, but they are not identified on the pic;
0 for the data info - all musicians are uncredited, except Dom Um Romão (the main drummer on the 1967 session) because he's briefly mentioned on the notes; all others - Don Payne, João Palma, Claudio Slon, Chico Batera, Chuck Berghofer, Ted Nash, Milt Bernhart, Paul Horn, Buddy Collette, Dick Nash, Ken Shroyer, Vincent DeRosa and Israel Baker, to name a few - were ignored.
We've waited over 4 decades to listen to the complete Sinatra-Jobim sessions and we receive this shit!
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