Monday, October 5, 2015

Noah Preminger's new CD comes out tomorrow

Tenor saxophonist Noah Preminger releases his fourth album, "Pivot: Live at the 55 Bar," tomorrow, October 6th.

"Pivot: Live at the 55 Bar," recorded in the heat of the moment at the Greenwich Village nightspot by Jimmy Katz, finds Preminger exploring both his obsession with age-old Delta blues and his desire for a more fluid, intense way of playing jazz.

Preminger and his new kindred-spirit quartet - with Jason Palmer (trumpet), Kim Cass (double-bass) and Ian Froman (drums) - were captured performing two thrilling half-hour rhapsodies based on songs by one of the saxophonist's favorite blues singers, Bukka White (1909-77).

They re-imagine his soul-deep "Parchman Farm Blues" and "Fixin' to Die Blues" by way of Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz, Sonny Rollins' wide-open Our Man in Jazz and the John Coltrane Quartet's last, envelope-pushing flights, all the while transmuting past into present for a 21st-century vision of free-minded but hard-swinging jazz.

The quartet celebrates the CD release at 55 Bar this Wednesday October 7th.  Two sets starting at 10 p.m. Enjoy!

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