Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Molly Holm live in Berkeley, CA, Oct 8

Message from Molly Holm:

"I am still in the afterglow of a most spectacular SUPER BLOOD MOON ECLIPSE and my concert is only 8 days away. Musical preparations for this event are in high-gear, and we are having FUN rehearsing!

I am excited to perform with saxophonist Charles McNeal for the first time, and also to feature Antonia Minnecola who improvises in the tradition of North Indian vocal percussion, known as "parhant." If you've seen her, you know how amazing she is!

I have composed a new tune--an acknowledgment of the responsibilities an artist takes on in self-producing performances, called Sole Proprietor. I intend to add it to the roster of songs that I am targeting for my next CD.

Also, with the help of Frank Martin and his remarkable arranging talent, I am reworking a song I wrote earlier in my career. A Thousand Voices is dedicated to a friend who lost his grounding amid the stresses of an interracial marriage. His death had a lasting impact on all who knew and admired him.

Finally, I am happy to have two very special guests, Julie Moon (piano & voice) and Tim Kim (voice & violin). They recently performed their original compositions at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum as part of 7th Annual Celebration of Korean Art and Culture."

See u there, Molly!

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