Monday, February 27, 2017

R.I.P.: Horace Parlan (1931-2017)

RIP: Horace Parlan
(born January 19, 1931, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;
died February 24, 2017, Korsør, Denmark)

A soulful hard bop pianist & Charles Mingus collaborator who passed away in Denmark at age 86. Parlan recorded 7 Blue Note sessions as a leader between 1960-63 including "Movin' & Groovin'" "Us Three" & "Speakin' My Piece," and appeared on Mingus classics like "Blues & Roots" & "Mingus Ah Um."

He also played with Dexter Gordon, Thad Jones, Booker Erwin, Lou Donaldson, Dave Bailey, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Slide Hampton, and many more. However, the first time I heard him was on Stanley Turrentine's "Salt Song" for CTI. Explore Parlan's Blue Note catalog with the complete Mosaic set on Apple Music.
I treasure this LD because it allows me to watch Horace Parlan playing in top form with Archie Shepp, Wayne Dockery and Marvin Smith. "The Stuttgart Jazz Summit" (Pioneer) also features Sun Ra, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Sonny Fortune, Glen Moore, Steps Ahead with Mike Mainieri, Samul Nori & Red Sun, Jorg Reiter, Charlie Mariano, Mike Stern, Bob Berg, Dennis Chambers, John Zorn Naked City etc.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Composer/bandleader Jihye Lee Turns Tragedy into Lavish, Heart-Wrenching Inspiration on Debut Orchestral Album

Composer/bandleader Jihye Lee releases her sumptuous and heart-rending debut recording titled "April" tomorrow, February 24. The album features a 20-piece orchestra culled from Berklee faculty and Boston-area musicians, with Sean Jones as special guest. Inspired by the Sewol ferry disaster of 2014 in South Korea, Lee's original six-song suite explores the myriad conflicting emotions that a tragedy can engender, vividly embodied by an orchestra that can navigate fluidly from visceral force to impressionistic beauty.

On the morning of April 16, 2014, tragedy struck South Korea when the ferry Sewol capsized and sank, killing more than 300 passengers. Half a world away, composer and native Korean Jihye Lee watched on in horror from Boston, where she was studying at Berklee College of Music. As the hours, days, weeks and now years have passed, reactions to the disaster have mingled grief and anger, sorrow and outrage, protest and sympathy as human tragedy collided with political controversy.

Not long before the wreck of the Sewol, Lee had written two pieces that came to prove eerily prophetic: "April Wind," which gradually builds from gentle and tender to majestic and powerful; and "Deep Blue Sea," through which Lee's soaring voice wends an emotional, wordless lament before being overwhelmed by swelling tides of sound. "Destiny is a big word," Lee admits, "but maybe I was meant to make this album."

Lee expanded upon those two compositions in the wake of the Sewol disaster, creating the heartfelt six-song suite that comprises her new album, "April." Performed by a 20-piece orchestra culled from Berklee faculty and Boston-area musicians, the album (due out tomorrow, February 24) explores the myriad conflicting emotions that a tragedy like the ferry crash can engender, vividly embodied by an orchestra that can navigate fluidly from visceral force to impressionistic beauty. Lee composes from a wide palette, at one moment lush watercolors, the next bold splashes of action painting.

Being so far away from home as events unfolded, Lee says that the worst feeling was being unable to contribute to rescue and relief efforts. "If I were in Korea I would have done something," she says. "But in Boston there was nothing to do. My mind was so chaotic, I couldn't help but write this music."

"April Wind" opens the album, the calm before the storm that sets the scene for the events of the day to unfold. Alain Mallet's piano solo rides the orchestra's cresting waves, while Shannon LeClaire's alto and Allan Chase's soprano usher in the rising tide. It's followed by "Sewol Ho," named for the ferry itself, which begins with John Lockwood's churning, ominous bass, soon joined by frantic, cross-talking horn lines which build in tension and urgency. "Deep Blue Sea" is an oasis of serenity, seemingly peaceful but perhaps suggesting the stunned silence following unimaginable horror. Rick DiMuzio's tenor offers a soulful elegy.

The brisk, manic rhythms of "Whirlwind" capture the chaos of the sinking's aftermath: the frenzied worry of victim's families, the unanswered questions and political turmoil that persist nearly three years later. "Guilty" is aimed squarely at those whose neglect, greed and politicking led to the tragedy and its staggering death toll, the composer's seething contempt for the deceit and disregard for human life mutedly expressed in the tug of war between Bruce Bartlett's guitar and Rick DiMuzio's soprano. Finally, "You Are Here (Every Time I Think of You)" is Lee's outpouring of sympathy for those lost and those left behind, highlighted by the aching, sweepingly gorgeous flugelhorn of guest soloist Sean Jones.

The band was assembled and the album co-produced by trumpeter and longtime Berklee professor Greg Hopkins. "Greg really believed in me and my music," Lee says. "When I shared my vision he was really supportive." Hopkins also helped Lee set up the Kickstarter campaign that funded the album's recording.

Given the singular vision of Lee's writing for big band, which calls to mind the bold narratives and colors of the Maria Schneider Orchestra along with the intricate arrangements of Jim McNeely, with whom she's now studying at the Manhattan School of Music, it's surprising to learn that Lee arrived in Boston with no intention of leading an orchestra and very little knowledge of jazz in general. She'd worked primarily as a folk and R&B-influenced pop singer-songwriter in Korea but came to Berklee hoping to expand her musical horizons.

"I wanted to see something that I didn't see when I was in Korea," she recalls. "I really loved complexity in harmony and rhythm, but I didn't know what genre I could find it in. I just followed my gut, and my gut said you have to go to Berklee. I got to see a lot of concert jazz orchestra music there, and I was overwhelmed. I was enchanted by the energy and complexity, the richness and diversity that we can mix and use in different ways. That's how I got into jazz big band writing."

One of the most striking elements of Lee's pieces throughout April is the way she interweaves her own voice into the orchestral palette. She doesn't write lyrics, uncomfortable with penning words in English, but doesn't see the lack of them as inhibitive of communicating her messages. "Lyrics are too specific to convey some images or emotions that I cannot really express with words," she says.
The use of voice, though, came naturally from her background as a singer. "It was only natural. I think people are very drawn to the human voice because we're all human, and there's some things that only voice can express."

While she doesn't draw on explicit influences from her native country, Lee says that her essential Korean-ness comes through in every note that she writes. "Korean people are very emotional, very expressive," she explains. She mentions a Korean expression, han, that connotes a sense of deep, restrained emotion rooted in the country's long history of war and colonization, similar to the melancholic/nostalgic Brazilian term saudade but in an earthier, more inward form. The stoicism they display on the surface means that their sadness comes through in art as a howl of sadness. "I think it naturally comes through in my melodies: dramatic, lyrical, very sad, that kind of emotional statement."

The title "April" ties into her adopted home of Boston as well, given that the Boston Marathon bombing took place one year almost to the day prior to the Sewol. Lee hopes that her music offers a path to healing from both incidents. "April is a beautiful month, the beginning of spring when everything is new and beautiful and blooming," she says. "I want to make April bloom again."

The Anna Mjöll Sextet @ Baked Porato, tomorrow

Tomorrow, Feb 24!!!
With Anna Mjöll (vocals), Bill Cunliffe (piano), Brandon Fields (sax), Clayton Cameron (drums), Willard Peterson (bass) and Joe Elliott (guitar).
Two shows 9:30 and 11:30.
This event will sell out FAST (!!) - for tickets call (818) 980-1615.

R.I.P.: Leon Ware (1940-2017)

R.I.P.: Leon Ware
(born on February 16, 1940, Black Bottom, Detroit, Michigan, USA;
died on February 23, 2017, Marina del Rey, California, USA)

The fabulous North American singer & songwriter, recorded many great albums, but this self-titled r&b gem is my favorite. Recorded in 1982 for Elektra, arranged by Marty Paich & Jerry Hey, featuring Flora Purim, Airto Moreira, Laudir de Oliveira, Gato Barbieri, Janis Siegel, Nathan East, Chuck Rainey, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Rita Coolidge, Steve Lukather etc. There are two beautiful songs co-written with Marcos Valle: the haunting ballad Deeper Than Love (Mais Que Amor) and the infectious samba-funk Somewhere (later recorded by Emilio Santiago as Dentro de Você.)

Leon Ware's tunes were recorded by Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, Minnie Ripperton, Donny Hathaway, Isaac Hayes and many others, being sampled by Ice Cub, Tupac, Jay-Z, A Tribe Called Quest etc. Rest in Power.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Gianni Bianchini featuring Jason Marsalis: Debut "TYPE I" is out tomorrow!

Respected jazz pianist, vocalist and organist Gianni Bianchini proudly announces the February 21 release of his highly-anticipated, debut album, 'Type I'. Recorded in Austin, Texas, Gianni enlisted the esteemed stylings of NEA Jazz Master Jason Marsalis along with drummer Brandon Guerra and bassist Richard Mikel. In addition to the aforementioned, a guest appearance is made by vocalist Karen Tennison. This record features songs from the Great American Songbook genre but embodies characteristics from the modern piano trios of today.

Bianchini establishes this dexterous album as a collection of songs that have, in his own word, "the ability to encompass the tradition of this great American music and simultaneously push the boundaries for the next generation of jazz musicians". Gianni continues to explain that his principal obligation to both his audience and his band is to simply make the music feel good.

"I want everyone who listens or plays my music to feel good and also to understand that this music is very much alive and growing".
The Floridian native labelled his album, 'Type I' for two pertinent reasons; the first being that this is his debut and the first time he is presenting his music to the general public while the second is much more personal. A decade ago, Gianni was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. This diagnosis has affected every aspect of his life, including his music. "Not only is this record a reminder to my music accomplishment, it is also a reminder to myself the everyday accomplishments that I have to undertake to fight this disease," he says.

Inspirations for this album, and to Gianni as a musician in general, include Nat King Cole, Gene Harris, Diana Krall, Harry Conick Jr., Chet Baker, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Carmen McRae, Nancy Wilson, Bill Charlap and countless others.

The 7th track of Bianchini's album, his interpretation of Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein II "Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise" can be heard here.
Dr. Gianni Bianchini is considered one of the leading pianist, vocalist and organist in today's jazz scene. He has played, recorded or studied with many of jazz's prominent artists such as; Jason Marsalis, Arturo Sandoval, Joshua Redman, Jeff "Tain" Watts, John Scofield, Stefon Harris, Kenny Werner, Jean Michel-Pilc, Gil Goldstein, Ron McClure, Justin Faulkner, Ralph Lalama, Duffy Jackson, Kevin Marcus (Black Violin) and countless others from around the world. Throughout his education, Dr. Bianchini has had the opportunity to study at some of the most prestigious music schools in the world.

He graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree from Berklee College of Music, a Master's Degree from New York University, and a Doctorate in jazz piano performance from the University of Texas. Dr. Bianchini is currently on staff as a full professor of jazz piano at the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, in Ecuador. Prior to accepting this position, Dr. Bianchini taught as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Texas and as an Adjunct Professor at New York University. In addition to teaching, Dr. Bianchini continues to perform with his piano trio, organ trio (GOT), and his quintet (The Quintini) across the globe.

Jazz Station Gallery: Hector Costita, Joseval Paes, Bebeto Castilho & Arnaldo DeSouteiro @ Bottle's Bar - Beco das Garrafas, Rio de Janeiro

 (Hector Costita, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Bebeto Castilho, Joseval Paes)
                             (Hector Costita & Arnaldo DeSouteiro)
 (Hector Costita, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Bebeto Castilho & Joseval Paes)
 (Hector Costita, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Bebeto Castilho & Joseval Paes)
                                    (Hector Costita & Arnaldo DeSouteiro)
                                                    (Hector Costita)
  (Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Tamba Trio's bassist/flutist Bebeto Castilho)
                                  (Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Bebeto Castilho)
                                 (Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Bebeto Castilho)
                                   (Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Bebeto Castilho)
                                   (Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Bebeto Castilho)
                                 (Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Bebeto Castilho)
                                   (Arnaldo DeSouteiro & Bebeto Castilho)
(Hector Costita at Bottle's Bar, Beco das Garrafas, February 18, 2017)

R.I.P.: Larry Coryell (1943-2017)

R.I.P.: Larry Coryell, at age 73.
(born Lorenz Albert Van DeLinder III on April 2, 1943, Galveston, Texas, USA;
died February 19, 2017, New York City, New York, USA)

Terrible news. Another idol & friend is gone, another jazz master. Had the honor to work with him during his CTI years ("Fallen Angel" was a best-selling on the Billboard jazz charts) and when I produced the album "Almost In Love / Ithamara Koorax Sings The Luiz Bonfá Songbook," recorded in 1996, on which he guested. The first time I saw him live was in 1978 in a brilliant duo concert with Philipe Catherine at the Sao Paulo Jazz Festival, during the "Twin House Tour." And the first Coryell album I got, as a gift from my aunt Elge Agricola, was "Introducing The Eleventh House" in 1974. It means I have been "connected" to his artistry for 43 years... Photo by Celso Brando (P. Mallagutti, Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Larry Coryell, Ithamara Koorax)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Al Di Meola's Elegant Gypsy 40th Anniversary Tour 2017

Al Di Meola celebrates the 40th Anniversary of "Elegant Gypsy" 
Sunday, February 26, 2017, 7:00 pm 
Released in 1977, "Elegant Gypsy" was the follow-up album to Di Meola's debut release.  The distinctive music on the album is a fusion of jazz and rock, with Di Meola's lightning-fast guitar riffs intermixed with lyrical acoustical passages.  The album was named Best Guitar Album in Guitar Player magazine and is generally regarded as a masterpiece in the rock-jazz fusion music genre.

A bona fide guitar hero and perennial poll-winner, Al Di Meola has been recognized internationally over the past four decades as a virtuoso of the highest order. A prolific composer and prodigious six-string talent, Di Meola has amassed over 20 albums as a leader while collaborating on a dozen or so others with the likes of Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White, John McLaughlin, Paco de Lucia, Jean-Luc Ponty and more.

And while his dazzling technique on both acoustic and electric guitars has afforded him regal status among hordes of frettboard aficionados who regularly flock to his concerts, the depth of Di Meola's writing and compositions along with the soulfulness of his guitar expressions have won him legions of fans worldwide.

Meet and Greet Tickets Available!

Al Di Meola's "40th Anniversary Meet & Greet Package" includes:
Admission to sound check
20 Minute Q & A session delivered by Al Di Meola from onstage
Meet and Greet
Autographed 40th Anniversary Poster

Contact Box Office for details!

Paramount Hudson Valley is operated by Red House Entertainment LLC
Box Office Hours: Tues - Fri & Sunday: 1pm - 6pm - Saturday 12pm - 6pm
Address: 1008 Brown Street, Peekskill NY 10566 - For general inquiries phone: 914 739 0039

Arnaldo DeSouteiro's biography

Arnaldo DeSouteiro – Biografia ultra-resumida 

Produtor de discos, com cerca de 530 álbuns em sua discografia (incluindo novos CDs, reedições, coletâneas, trilhas sonoras, projetos especiais), conforme consta no All Music Guide, principal e mais acessado website sobre música no mundo. Jornalista e publicitário (formado em Comunicação pela PUC-RJ), tendo escrito para os jornais Tribuna da Imprensa (de 1979 até sua extinção em 2009, com 3.200 artigos publicados), Última Hora, O Globo e O Estado do Paraná, revistas Billboard, Keyboard (USA), Cuadernos de Jazz (Espanha), Swing Journal (Japão), Revista do CD (Brasil) etc. 

Roteirista de shows (João Gilberto, Diana Krall, Ithamara Koorax, Marcos Valle, Eumir Deodato, Bjork etc) e de especiais de TV para as emissoras Globo (Antonio Carlos Jobim & João Gilberto) e Manchete (Dizzy Gillespie, Tony Bennett, Chuck Mangione, Airto Moreira & Flora Purim etc) no Brasil, BET e PBS nos EUA, NHK no Japão (Diana Krall, João Gilberto, CTI All Stars, Dave Brubeck etc).

Nascido no Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) em 1963, radicado em Los Angeles (EUA) desde 1999. Estudou piano clássico e harmonia com sua mãe, a pianista e maestrina Delza Agricola. É membro da Associação Brasileira de Imprensa (ABI) e da Ordem dos Músicos do Brasil (OMB) desde 1979, membro catedrático titular efetivo da Academia Internacional de Música desde 1985, membro votante do Grammy-Naras (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences) desde 2006, membro votante da Los Angeles Jazz Society (único brasileiro) desde 2007, e também único brasileiro que é membro votante da Jazz Journalists Association (sediada em Nova Iorque) desde 2002. Atua como consultor e parecerista para diversas empresas, centros culturais e festivais de música no Brasil e no exterior.

Também foi membro honorário e primeiro membro brasileiro da Associação Internacional de Educadores de Jazz (IAJE – International Association of Jazz Educators) durante 12 anos, até sua extinção em 2008, tendo realizado palestras e "panel sessions" nas convenções anuais realizadas nos EUA. 

Fundador e Presidente da gravadora JSR (Jazz Station Records), sediada em Los Angeles – EUA desde 2001, uma divisão da Jazz Station Marketing & Consulting. Dirige também a JSR Casting e a LaCalifUSA Pictures, empresa de cinema que produz conteúdo e trilhas sonoras (composição, produção, seleção) para filmes e séries de TV. 

Produziu discos e sessões de gravação com artistas como Luiz Bonfá, João Gilberto, Dom Um Romão, João Donato, Palmyra & Levita, Mario Castro-Neves, Claudio Roditi, Gaudencio Thiago de Mello, Dexter Payne, Bjork, Rodrigo Lima, Don Sebesky, Hubert Laws, Fabio Fonseca, Marcos Ozzellin, Herbie Hancock, Jorge Pescara, Paula Faour, Anna Ly, Pascoal Meirelles, Yana Purim, Carlos Pingarilho, Nelson Angelo, Marcelo Salazar, Ithamara Koorax, Ron Carter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Steve Swallow, Herbie Hancock, Hugo Fattoruso, Larry Coryell, Sadao Watanabe, Jurgen Friedrich, Claus Ogerman, Gazzara, Eumir Deodato, Azymuth, Marcio Montarroyos, Sivuca, Laudir de Oliveira, Marcos Valle, David Matthews, Gene Bertoncini, John McLaughlin, Raul de Souza, Hermeto Pascoal, Jadir de Castro, Lew Soloff, George Young, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Alphonso Johnson e muitos outros. 

Como compositor e letrista, tem parcerias com Dave Brubeck (“Broadway Bossa Nova”), Francesco Gazzara (“O Passarinho”), Mamoru Morishita (“Hotaru”) e Fabio Fonseca (“Samba da Copa”, executado na cerimônia de abertura da Copa do Mundo de 2006). 

Produziu reedições de discos de Sergio Mendes, Flora Purim, Tamba Trio, Ivan Lins, Carlos Lyra, Miucha, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ron Carter, Idris Muhammad, Hank Crawford, Lonnie Smith, Johnny Hammond, Luiz Bonfá, Phil Upchurch, Tennyson Stephens, Eumir Deodato, Grant Green, Mario Castro-Neves, João Donato, Claus Ogerman, David Matthews, Esther Phillips, Joe Beck, Eric Gale e muitos outros.

Produziu as séries “A Trip To Brazil” (cujo Volume 1 chegou ao primeiro-lugar na parada de world-music na Europa em 1998, superando “Buena Vista Social Club”), “Brazilian Horizons”, “CTI: Acid Jazz Grooves”, “Jazz Club”, e retrospectivas - lançadas mundialmente entre 2006 e 2010 pelo selo Verve – das carreiras de Quincy Jones (“Summer In The City: The Soul-Jazz Groves of Quincy Jones”), Eumir Deodato (“Do It Again: The Fantastic Jazz Funk of Eumir Deodato”) e Chick Corea (“Electric Chick”).

Desde 1981, tem realizado, como free lancer, produção musical para diversas gravadoras, como RCA/BMG, Sony, Verve/PolyGram/Universal, CTI, King, Paddle Wheel, Pausa, Milestone/Fantasy, Warner/WEA, Motor Music, JVC/Victor, Sanyo, Movieplay, Imagem, Eldorado, CID, Alfa, RGE, Mr. Bongo, Terra Música, Blue Moon, Bomba, Cedar Tree, Treasure Trove, Irma, Vivid Sound, Motéma, e Huks Music, no Brasil, Europa, Estados Unidos, Japão, China, Taiwan e Coréia. 

Entre 1982 e 1984, atuou como assessor cultural do Serviço de Comunicação Social da Petrobras. Em 1983, criou, produziu e apresentou o programa "Jazz espetacular", transmitido pela Rádio Tupi FM. Em 1984, assumiu a responsabilidade da programação de bordo (musical e audiovisual) transmitida nos vôos internacionais da Varig, função que exerceu durante 14 anos. Também nesse período (1985 a 1987), participou da comissão de seleção do Free Jazz Festival. 

Escreveu textos de contracapa para discos de diversos artistas, como Toots Thielemans, Ella Fitzgerald, Eliane Elias, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Jeff Kinsky, Paulo Bellinati e Carlos Barbosa Lima, entre outros. Assinou textos para divulgação ("press releases") de artistas como João Gilberto, Stan Getz, Oscar Peterson, Pat Metheny, Bill Evans, Jimmy Smith, Elvin Jones, Stanley Turrentine e Tony Bennett.

Atuou como entrevistador em depoimentos prestados para o Museu da Imagem e do Som (Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo) por João Donato, Stellinha Egg, Maestro Gaya, Eumir Deodato, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim e Carlos Barbosa Lima. Em 2001, recebeu o prêmio de International Man of The Year, concedido pelo International Biographical Centre, de Londres. Foi o primeiro brasileiro a receber essa premiação, oferecida anteriormente a apenas quatro outros produtores: Arif Mardin, Tommy LiPuma, Quincy Jones e Phil Ramone. Ainda nesse ano, a JSR (Jazz Station Records), de sua propriedade, foi considerada uma das cinco melhores gravadoras de jazz do mundo, em relação publicada na edição de dezembro da revista especializada norte-americana "Down Beat", premiação que se repetiu por quatro anos (7º lugar em 2003, 9º lugar em 2004, 5º lugar em 2005 e 6º lugar em 2006).  

Foi entrevistado em vários programas de TV, seriados (incluindo o documentário "Laurindo Almeida, Muito Prazer" exibido pelo canal GNT) e filmes como o premiado documentário "Beyond Ipanema", no qual foi entrevistado ao lado de Creed Taylor, Lalo Schifrin, Wayne Shorter, Gene Lees e Norman Gimbel. Depois de apresentado em diversos festivais de cinema nos Estados Unidos e Europa, "Beyond Ipanema" foi transformado em série de televisão transmitida em território brasileiro pela emissora Canal Brasil em 2014.
Jazz Station Records (JSR), a division of Jazz Station Enterprises
CEO & Founder · Los Angeles 

            (Arnaldo DeSouteiro during a recording session in 2014)

"People are going to talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live. Let them. You affected their lives, they didn't affect yours... you will eventually lose someone you love & love someone you never thought you'd find..."
Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Short Bio

Music Producer (with over 530 albums to his credit according to the All Music Guide), Voting Member of NARAS-GRAMMY and Jazz Journalists Association (NY), Member of LAJS (Los Angeles Jazz Society), Musical Philosopher, Journalist, Jazz & Brazilian Music Historian, Publicist, Public Relations, Composer (having written successful jazz & pop songs, some dance hits like "O Passarinho" for the Italian TV reality show "La Pupa e Il Secchione", and "Samba da Copa" for the "2006 World Cup" in Germany, plus many other soundtracks for movies, soap operas & TV series in the USA -- PBS, BET, Universal Cable etc --, Europe and Asia), Lyricist (he wrote lyrics to Dave Brubeck's "Broadway Bossa Nova" at the invitation of Brubeck himself, among other songs), Arranger, Percussionist, Keyboardist, Programmer, Educator (conducting clinics and panel sessions worldwide as the first Brazilian member of IAJE-International Association of Jazz Educators during its existence). He has also acted as consultant for several companies and jazz festivals all over the world.

Founder and CEO of JSR (Jazz Station Records), a Division of Jazz Station Marketing & Consulting - LA, Calif. Most recently, founded LaCalifUSA Pictures and JSR Casting in 2007 for movie & TV productions featuring music & fashion.

Produced the acclaimed CD compilation series "A Trip To Brazil," "CTI Acid Jazz Grooves," "Brazilian Horizons," "Focus on Bossa Nova," "Focus on Brazilian Music Grooves", "Bossa Nova Singers," "Bossa Nova Guitar","Jazz Rock" etc.

Produced special compilations for Quincy Jones ("Summer in the City - The Soul Jazz Grooves of Quincy Jones"), Chick Corea ("Electric Chick") and Deodato ("Do It Again - The Fantastic Jazz-Funk of Eumir Deodato"), all released by Verve/Universal. His latest CD for Verve is "Bossa Nova USA," released last May, featuring Dave Brubeck's title track performed by Quincy Jones.

Supervised and/or Directed TV specials featuring João Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Dizzy Gillespie, Chuck Mangione, Flora Purim & Airto Moreira, Miles Davis, Dom Um Romão, Eliane Elias, Diana Krall, Eumir Deodato, Bjork et al. Worked with producers Creed Taylor, Yoichi Nakao, Susumu Morikawa, Matthias Kunnecke, and photographers Pete Turner, Victor Skrebneski, Robert Mappelthorpe, Duane Michals.

Mr. DeSouteiro has also worked in his native Brazil for TUPI-FM radio station (as musical programmer-DJ as well as hosting his own show, "Jazz Espetacular"), Manchete TV network (anchoring & supervising the "Terça Especial" series for which he interviewed such jazz giants as Dizzy Gillespie, Tony Bennett, Chuck Mangione, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim etc), Globo TV network (screenplay, coordination and mix for the TV special "João Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jobim - O Grande Encontro" in 1992, the last time these 2 geniuses performed together, plus the texts and screenplay for the "Minuto da Bossa" series), and as the jazz columnist for the "Tribuna da Imprensa" (Press Tribune) daily newspaper during 29 years (from 1979 to 2008). Before moving to the USA, he also worked as Brazilian correspondent of "Keyboard" magazine (from 1985 to 1994), as a free-lancer to Billboard, Cuadernos de Jazz, Swing Journal and International Music Magazine, and as entertainment-in-flight programmer for several airline companies like Varig Brazilian Airlines (from 1983 to 1998).

Produced over 530 albums and sessions featuring: Luiz Bonfa, João Gilberto, Dom Um Romão, Thiago de Mello, Dexter Payne, João Donato, Palmyra & Levita, Mario Castro-Neves, Jorge Pescara, Paula Faour, Fabio Fonseca, Claudio Roditi, Rodrigo Lima, Hermeto Pascoal, Ithamara Koorax, Don Sebesky, Sammy Figueroa, Bjork, Anna Ly, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Pascoal Meirelles, Yana Purim, Pingarilho, Nelson Angelo, Marcelo Salazar, Ron Carter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Steve Swallow, Herbie Hancock, Hugo Fattoruso, Larry Coryell, Sadao Watanabe, Jurgen Friedrich, Eloir de Moraes, Gazzara, Deodato, Jadir de Castro, Azymuth, Marcio Montarroyos, Sivuca, Laudir de Oliveira, Marcos Valle, Jay Berliner, George Young, David Matthews, Lew Soloff, Alphonso Johnson, Gene Bertoncini, John McLaughlin, Claus Ogerman, Raul de Souza, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and many others.

Produced and supervised CD reissues of albums by Ron Carter, Hank Crawford, Johnny Hammond, Sergio Mendes, Hubert Laws, Grant Green, Idris Muhammad, Joe Beck, Esther Phillips, Lonnie Smith, David Matthews & Whirlwind, Phil Upchurch, Tennyson Stephens, Miucha, Flora Purim, Carlos Lyra, Tamba Trio, Ivan Lins, Raul de Souza, Trio 3-D and many others. As annotator, he wrote liner notes and press releases for albums by Toots Thielemans, Hank Crawford, Stan Getz, Ella Fitzgerald, Pat Metheny, Eliane Elias, Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Jeff Linsky and dozens of others for labels like RCA, CTI, Kudu, Milestone, Fantasy, Verve, Columbia, Irma, Alfa, JVC, Caju, Sonet, Paddle Wheel, JHO, Mercury, Imagem etc.

Mr. DeSouteiro also had the honor to be associated with some of the world's greatest photographers like Pete Turner (who did the cover photos for Rodrigo Lima's "Saga" and Jorge Pescara's "Grooves in the Temple," released on his own JSR label and featured on Turner's new book "The Color of Jazz"), Victor Skrebneski (the CD reissue of "Upchurch/Tennyson"), Bruce Weber (Esther Phillips' "For All We Know"), Robert Mappelthorpe ("Brazilian Horizons"), Alen MacWeeney, William Cadge, and Duane Michals (many of the CTI CDs) and so on. He has appeared in several movies and TV series such as the Award Winning documentary movie "Beyond Ipanema," for which he was interviewed alongside Creed Taylor, Lalo Schifrin, Wayne Shorter, Gene Lees and Norman Gimbel.
Jazz Station Marketing & Consulting, JSR Casting, LaCalifUSA Pictures
CEO & Founder: Arnaldo DeSouteiro
Jazz Station Records (JSR), a division of Jazz Station Enterprises
CEO & Founder · Los Angeles ·

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People are going to talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live. Let them. You affected their lives, they didn't affect yours... you will eventually lose someone you love & love someone you never thought you'd find... 

TBT: Grady Tate & Arnaldo DeSouteiro

 (legendary drummer/singer Grady Tate & Arnaldo DeSouteiro, 1979)
Photos by Delza Agricola DeSouteiro

The Baylor Project charts on Billboard and announces dates in Boston, Alpharetta, Durham and Delray Beach

"The Journey", the debut album from visionary duo The Baylor Project, has debuted at number 8 on the Billboard Jazz Chart. Released on February 10, 2017, "The Journey" has not only been topping the charts, but has also received worldwide acclaim from outlets such as All About Jazz, Hot House, Soul Tracks, Soulbounce and more.

Fresh off the heels of their sold-out CD release mini tour throughout NYC, Philly and Washington, DC, The Baylor Project will be appearing in Boston, MA at Scullers Jazz Club on March 31; in Alpharetta, GA at the Velvet Note on April 28; at the Art of the Cool Festival in Durham, NC on April 29 and at The Art Garage in Delray Beach, FL on April 30.

Steeped in the heart and soul of jazz, Marcus and Jean Baylor's highly anticipated collaboration showcases the grace and glory, versatility and virtuosity of a truly extraordinary musical union. Joining Marcus and Jean on their self-produced debut is an expansive assemblage of top-notch collaborators including pianists Allyn Johnson and Shedrick Mitchell, guitarists Rayfield "Ray Ray" Holloman and Marvin Sewell, bassists Dezron Douglas, Chris Smith, David "DJ" Ginyard and Corcoran Holt, percussionists Pablo Batista and Aaron Draper, tenor saxophonists Keith Loftis and Bob Mintzer, trumpeters Freddie Hendrix and Keyon Harrold, trombonist Stafford Hunter and harpist Brandee Younger.

As the children of Pastors, Marcus and Jean's musical roots were planted deep within the church, and it was there that the road was paved for the influence of gospel, blues, soul, and jazz to make it's mark. On "The Journey", listeners are taken on a comprehensive musical journey that showcases as much versatility as it does virtuosity. A world-class drummer, Marcus' creativity and innovative storytelling ability expose his seasoned improvisation and musicianship. Jean, with her agile mezzo-soprano range, combines a fresh, whimsical, approach to phrasing with clever musicality resulting in soul-hugging vocal purity. Released around Valentine's Day in February, "The Journey" has as much to do with the The Baylor's 15 years of loving one another as it does with Black History Month. Their first feature recording together embodies the true spirit of love while also paying homage to their musical roots and those of the African American experience.

"The Journey is a true reflection of our childhood, the musical and cultural influence of the African American Church, and all the things that have become a part of our creative fabric from then until now," says Jean. As co-creators of their label Be A Light, Marcus and Jean served as the sole producers of "The Journey". "As producers, we were involved in every aspect of the project from inception to completion," says Marcus, adding, "...from songwriting, arranging and collaborating with great musicians to cultivate the sound we heard in our heads, we loved having the autonomy to create music from the inside out."
Anchored by their exceptional band, The Baylor Project made their live debut in 2013 at Smoke Jazz Club to critical acclaim. Such a success, they were extended an invitation to remain in residency at Smoke for the coming year. "Performing on a regular basis not only gave us the opportunity to evolve as a band, but to build a buzz and anticipation for The Baylor Project," says Marcus.

The buzz was certainly built; word-of-mouth brought packed houses at the famed Blue Note, Apollo Music Café, and DC's Blues Alley, leading to performances in premiere jazz festivals across the United States and Europe--a glamorous arrival for two people from humble beginnings. Marcus is a native of Ferguson, MO and Jean, a native of Moorestown, New Jersey.  Both grew up in a tradition that imprinted itself upon their craft.

It is apropo that it was their craft that brought them together back in 2000. It was then that Jean was set to perform at a showcase and found herself in need of a new drummer.  On a fellow musician's referral, Marcus and Jean were connected for the first time through music.  As a close friend tells the story, Marcus fell in love with her that night on stage.

With "The Journey," the Baylor Project showcases their outstanding versatility with a dynamic collection of original compositions, newly arranged standards and reimagined hymns. Upon pressing play, listeners are transported into the heart of the black experience: inside a little church in the mountains of West Virginia built by Jean's ancestors, hands are clapping, feet are stomping on time tested hardwood floors, and voices testify to the power of prayer in song. "Block Party" is the joyful introduction to the Baylor Project rife with the church blues and jazz improvisation.

What follows is the Baylor's signature arrangement of the stalwart hymn "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and their lush arrangement of the Herbie Hancock classic "Tell Me A Story", which is enhanced by original lyrics penned by Jean.

A restorative hymn for healing and forgiveness begins the original composition "Again" which then gives way to a full swing orchestration with horns and strings featuring explosive solos. On the following track, the Baylors present a beautifully moody arrangement of the Gershwin classic "Summertime" with the lush stylings of harpist Brandee Younger, thus providing a remarkable remedy for the familiar. On "Afro Blue", listeners are filled with an open palette of sound that brings forth a sincere spiritual offering of faith, strength and resolve. Afro Blue is a journey in and of itself through the collage of solos that express a deep connection to their cultural roots.

An interesting surprise, penultimate tune "Laugh and Move On" is a tribute to a simpler time in music. "This song reminds me of an era in music that focused on telling a story with a lot of soul and some good ole' fashioned singing about letting the tough times roll off your back," says Jean.

Likened to an aria, Jean's beautiful and sometimes haunting vocal arrangement is sung over Marcus' dramatic drum solo on the final track "Journey". Vacillating in and out of tempo and bound only to the rhythm of the soul, the two dance together telling their stories. Intertwined with voices of their personal lineage that give audible accounts of the discovery of their musical gifts, it is the perfect ending to the story and cleverly circles listeners right back to the beginning.

"We want to inspire, foster hope and ultimately, bridge the gap between generations in our culture," says Marcus. With "The Journey'', The Baylor project does just that. They are relatable, they are virtuosic, and for these reasons they captivate listeners and packed houses alike. "The Journey" pays homage to their wide-ranging musical influences, and in so doing; they generate an eclectic sound whose overall effect is spiritual, buoyant, and feel good music.

"The Baylor Project" is an innovative collaboration merging the talents and creativity of this dynamic husband and wife duo, Marcus and Jean Baylor. Both artists have established themselves in the music community, Marcus as a jazz musician having toured and recorded with Kenny Garrett, John Scofield, Cassandra Wilson, Joshua Redman, Christian McBride and as a long-time member of the Grammy Award Winning, Yellowjackets. Jean first established herself in R&B as a platinum selling recording artist and later emerged in jazz having recorded and toured with Kenny Garrett, Marcus Miller, Yellowjackets, Jimmy Greene and legends, Harold Mabern and Buster Williams. The Baylor Project was founded in 2013.

MANAGEMENT: Gail Boyd Management


R.I.P.: Helio Matheus (1940-2017)

R.I.P.: Helio Matheus (1940-2017),
(born on July 5, 1940; died on February 09, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

Brazilian singer, composer and guitarist. Besides this debut solo album recorded in 1975 for RCA with an all-star cast, Helio had his songs covered by such acts as Elis Regina, Azymuth, Zimbo Trio, Meirelles, Wanderléa, Doris Monteiro, Banda Black Rio etc. My favorite ones are the recordings of "Kriola" by Meirelles and "Que É Que Você Vai Fazer Nesse Carnaval" by Azymuth, which I've included in the volume 3 of the compilation series "A Trip To Brazil" that I produced for Verve. Rest in Power.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Anna Mjoll to appear @ Baked Potato, Feb 24

One of our favorite singers, Anna Mjoll will be performing with her sextet at the Baked Potato, next February 24.
For infos and reservations, please call (818) 980-1615.

R.I.P.: Orlandivo (1937-2017)

(born Orlandivo Honório de Souza on August 5, 1937 in Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brazil;
died on February 8, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil)

Brazilian singer, composer and percussionist aka Orlann Divo. Recorded several albums as a leader, being recognized as one of the fathers of the "Sambalanço" style derived from bossa nova. He started his career as crooner of organist Ed Lincoln's band and co-wrote many songs with guitarist Durval Ferreira.

However, his biggest international hit, "Samba Blim" (aka "Tamanco No Sambo"), recorded by Cal Tjader and Tamba 4 among others, was co-written with Helton Menezes. Orlandivo also recorded as a percussionist on Deodato's "Os Catedráticos 73" albums, later retitled "Skyscrapers."

As a solo artist, his most famous album was released in 1977 by the Copacabana label and shamelessly bootlegged in UK during the Acid Jazz heyday. That album was arranged by keyboardist João Donato, also featuring Azymuth's members Alex Malheiros (bass) and Mamão (drums) plus Zé Menezes, Sivuca, Copinha, Durval Ferreira, Helcio Milito, Chico Batera, Ariovaldo, Papão, Hermes Contesini, Airton Barbosa, Geraldo Bongô and many others. Rest in Groove.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

R.I.P.: Svend Asmussen (1916-2017)

(born on February 28, 1916, in Copenhagen, Denmark;
died on February 7, 2017, Dronningmølle, Denmark)

R.I.P. Svend Asmussen (1916-2017), one of the best violin players in jazz history, and an institution in Danish jazz. He passed away (today) a few days before his 101th Birthday! This is my favorite Svend album, recorded in 1972 with Toots Thielemans plus Red Mitchell, Ed Thigpen, Kjell Ohman and Stefan Brolund. A lovely bossa nova titled "Denise," written by Thigpen, used to receive a lot of airplay at JB-AM radio station in my native Brazil, at the time of the album release in 1973. The repertoire also includes great tunes by Toots, Milt Jackson and Duke Ellington. Besides the violin, Svend plays viola and cello. His career spanned eight decades, with over 80 albums as a leader or co-leader. Rest in Heaven.

Entrevista de Arnaldo DeSouteiro ao portal Coisas da Música - Parte 2

Confira o depoimento de Arnaldo DeSouteiro ao portal Coisas da Música, agora na íntegra, em sete partes.
Arnaldo DeSouteiro começa sua coleção de discos aos 4 anos de idade. O primeiro título foi presente da tia, Elge Agrícola: "Dominique", de Poly, brasileiro especializado em guitarra havaiana. Confira na segunda parte da entrevista ao Coisas da Música.

Entrevista realizada por Bernardo Costa em 11/07/2016.
Imagem e edição: Bernardo Costa

O material foi publicado em duas reportagens no portal Coisas da Música. Veja nos links abaixo:

As memórias de Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Parte I

As memórias de Arnaldo DeSouteiro - Parte II

Acompanhe COISAS DA MÚSICA no site ( e nas redes sociais

"A Sunday Kind of Love" - A Valentine's Dance Party w/ Matty B & Amanda Carr

Who doesn't love a dance party at the beach?

Celebrate the start of Valentine's Week and dance to your favorites with Matty and Amanda. Join everyone on Sunday afternoon at the historic C-Note club on Nantasket Beach. $10 at door. BYO-Food. and Cash Bar.

Sunday, February 12, 3pm-7pm

What's not to love? More info at

The C Note Hull
159 Nantasket Ave, Hull, Massachusetts 02045

CD Compilation of the Month - "Don Burrows: The Collection"

CD Compilation of the Month
Don Burrows: "The Collection" (Fanfare Records, 3-CD set)
Rating: ***** (musical performance & sonic quality)

Legendary musician Don Burrows (AO, MBE) has been at the forefront of the jazz world for most of his 60 years in the business. He's a household name in Australia, renowned for his musicianship and his enthusiastic support for the jazz arts. He's also highly respected internationally, where he's toured numerous times to great acclaim annually since 1960.

This superb multi-instrumentalist plays flute, clarinet and all the saxophones, from alto to baritone. He's a composer and arranger of great note, and one of the world's finest interpreters of the jazz tradition. A Don Burrows concert always was a journey from classic swing and the gentle sway of Brazilian bossa nova (he recorded albums with Luiz Bonfá and Burnier & Cartier) to exciting modern jazz. He also developed a long time collaboration with guitarist George Golla, recording dozens of alnums, most of them for the Cherry Pie label. Unfortunately, Burrows was forced to retire last year, due to health issues.

Throughout a long, varied and successful career Don Burrows has played just about every kind of venue, in front of just about every kind of audience, from nightclubs and festival stages to television studios and outback classrooms. His musicianship and his ability to communicate his passion for the music have become legendary. Burrows is Australia's top jazzman, veritably a Living National Treasure.

Padre Severino Severens (1862-1925) - Bio & Reminiscences

(Pe. Severino Franciscus Severens, C.Ss.R.)

Padre Severino Severens celebrou o casamento de meus avós (Ernani Agricola & Aurea Agricola) e batizou minha tia & madrinha Elge Agricola em 24 de Maio de 1923, em Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Ele a chamava carinhosamente de "Rosa Maxixa" e pedia que Aurea a levasse até a estação de trem quando ele passava por BH. Elge o considerava seu "Anjo da Guarda". Até os últimos dias de sua vida, rezava tendo em mãos um Terço dado por ele, que me deixou como preciosa herança de fé, caridade, bondade e generosidade.

Dois anos depois do batismo, Padre Severino faleceu em 08 de Janeiro de 1925, às 22:30hs, no Convento de Santo Afonso, em consequencia de uma ensolação, levando a "Vice-Província Holãndico-Brasileira" a emitir uma nota comunicando a "grande perda". A nota, além de relatar a brilhante vida devotada a Deus, ao Cristianismo e aos fiéis, comentava "o caracter alegre na juventude, um brincalhão que gostava de alegrar os confrades".

Nascido Franciscus Severens a 04 de Maio de 1862 em Maastricht, Holanda, entrou para o Juvenato em Roermond, em 1874.

No dia 07 de Setembro de 1880 entrou no Noviciado e recebeu o hábito Redentorista a 15 de Outubro daquele mesmo ano. Emitiu os votos na Igreja de Wittem no dia 27 de Dezembro de 1881.

Foi ordenado Sacerdote a 08 de Outubro de 1886. Inicialmente foi nomeado Professor e depois Missionário. Granjeou renome de fenomenal pregador.

Nomeado para o Brasil, sacrificou tudo isso, e chegou a cidade mineira de Juiz de Fora no dia 06 de Maio de 1899. [No Brasil, os Redentoristas iniciaram suas atividades em 1893, através da Província holandesa].

Segundo o historiador Sergio Augusto Moreira Bastos, em 1907 chegaram a Montes Claros "os sacerdotes Severino Severens, Afonso Mathysen, Bernardo Willems, Theodoro Roosmalen, Sebastião Dorresteyn e Clemente Wildt, que aqui vêm pregar as Santas Missões. Reúnem-se nessa ocasião, na sede da Paróquia, 6 redentoristas holandesas, 5 sacerdotes premonstratenses e 2 padres brasileiros. Após 15 dias de pregações na cidade, partiram em grupos de três pregadores a fim de levar a palavra de Cristo às 9 Capelas existentes na Paróquia".

Trabalhador incansável, em seus quase 26 anos de Brasil, Padre Severino pregou 32 "Santas Missões", 63 Retiros Para Clero de várias dioceses. e mais 53 outros "exercícios". Ganhava a simpatia de todos, pois era considerado "um santo de simplicidade".

Em Belo Horizonte, o padre redentorista (pertencente à Congregação do Santíssimo Redentor, popularmente chamada de Congregação Redentorista), ficou conhecido como "O Catequista". Muito procurado como confessor, entre seus penitentes contaram-se os "Presidentes de Minas Gerais" Arthur Bernardes e Francisco Sales, com suas respectivas esposas.

Na cidade de Curvelo (então trabalhando na "Parochia de Santo Antonio de Curvello"), onde nasceu meu saudoso amigo Luiz Claudio de Castro, cantor e compositor da mais alta estirpe musical, fundou a revista "O Santuário de São Geraldo" que subsistiu por mais de 78 anos.

Segundo minha tia, um processo de beatificação foi iniciado alguns anos após sua morte, mas não sabia me dizer mais detalhes sobre o lento andamento. Procurei muito na internet e nada encontrei. Na verdade não existia, até agora, nenhuma biografia do Padre Severino na web. Agora há.

E agradeço a ele por toda a fé que transmitiu a várias gerações da minha família, inclusive a pessoas que não chegaram a conhece-lo, como minha mãe Delza Agricola, mas que o adotou em suas orações. Minhas tias-avós Aurette Palermo e Aurora Palermo, que conviveram com o Padre Severino, também o adoravam. À ele devo principalmente o milagre de ter conservado minha tia Elge Agricola em excelente estado de saúde física e mental durante 93 anos, preservando-a lúcida até três dias antes da morte, sem nunca ter sofrido uma fratura, um assalto, absolutamente nenhum mal grave; milagre do qual dou testemunho público em sinal de Fé, me colocando à disposição para manifestar-me no processo de beatificação. Certamente estaremos todos juntos no Dia da Ressurreição. Com a graça de Deus, Amém.
(O holândes P.e Severino Severens, padre redentorista)