Tuesday, February 7, 2017

CD Compilation of the Month - "Don Burrows: The Collection"

CD Compilation of the Month
Don Burrows: "The Collection" (Fanfare Records, 3-CD set)
Rating: ***** (musical performance & sonic quality)

Legendary musician Don Burrows (AO, MBE) has been at the forefront of the jazz world for most of his 60 years in the business. He's a household name in Australia, renowned for his musicianship and his enthusiastic support for the jazz arts. He's also highly respected internationally, where he's toured numerous times to great acclaim annually since 1960.

This superb multi-instrumentalist plays flute, clarinet and all the saxophones, from alto to baritone. He's a composer and arranger of great note, and one of the world's finest interpreters of the jazz tradition. A Don Burrows concert always was a journey from classic swing and the gentle sway of Brazilian bossa nova (he recorded albums with Luiz Bonfá and Burnier & Cartier) to exciting modern jazz. He also developed a long time collaboration with guitarist George Golla, recording dozens of alnums, most of them for the Cherry Pie label. Unfortunately, Burrows was forced to retire last year, due to health issues.

Throughout a long, varied and successful career Don Burrows has played just about every kind of venue, in front of just about every kind of audience, from nightclubs and festival stages to television studios and outback classrooms. His musicianship and his ability to communicate his passion for the music have become legendary. Burrows is Australia's top jazzman, veritably a Living National Treasure.

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