Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EP of the Month - "Don Sebesky: Claire's Song / I Go To Rio - Mardi Gras"

12" EP of the Month
Don Sebesky (Doctor Jazz)

Side A: "Claire's Song" (4:26)
Composed by Russell Ferrante
Soloists: Alex Foster (soprano sax), Ken Sebesky (guitar), Jim Pugh (baritone horn), Brian O'Flaherty (trumpet), Eddie Daniels (piccolo), Sue Evans (percussion)

Side B: "I Go To Rio / Mardi Gras" (5:09)
"I Go To Rio" Composed by Peter Allen & A. Anderson
"Mardi Gras" Composed by Laurindo Almeida
Soloist: Eddie Daniels (tenor sax)
Vocals: Mike Moran, Ali Sebesky, Jerry Sebesky, Janina Serden, Kitt Moran, Donna Leonhart, Ethel Pugh

Produced, Arranged & Conducted by Don Sebesky
Also Featuring: Don Sebesky (acoustic piano & Fender Rhodes), Jay Leonhart (acoustic & electric bass), Jimmy Madison (drums & percussion), Sue Evans (percussion), Barry Ries (trumpet & flugelhorn), Alan Raph (bass trombone, baritone horn, tuba), Roger Rosenberg (flute, clarinet, bass clarinet & baritone sax) et al

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