Tuesday, January 29, 2013

EP of the Month - "Bob James: Westchester Lady / Night Crawler"

12" EP of the Month Bob James:
"Westchester Lady / Night Crawler" (CTI/Juno) 2013

What a repress! Bob James is, without argument, one of the most sampled gents in the game. It's so easy to see why... He's one of the most adored musicians in the acid-jazz/dancefloor jazz scene, revered by rappers and producers of the hip-hop generation. His deft ability to compose and arrange groove anthems leaves him in a league of his own. "Westchester Lady" is immediately recognised as the spring board for Adam F's "Circles" and its lush orchestral crescendo and sudden switch in phrase and key. Having been plundered by the likes of Supernatural, Demigodz, Guru and many more, "Night Crawler" is equally as distinguished. A jazz boogie anthem for the heads, if you've not got this in your collection now is your chance!

Arranged & Conducted by Bob James
Produced by Creed Taylor & Bob James (although the label of Side B credits Creed Taylor as producer, "Night Crawler" was produced by Bob James for the Tappan Zee album "Heads" and recorded on September 8th, 1977)
Engineered by Rudy Van Gelder & Joe Jorgensen ("Night Crawler")

"Westchester Lady" (newly edited version): Bob James (Fender Rhodes electric piano, synths), Will Lee (electric bass), Harvey Mason (drums), Ralph MacDonald (percussion), Eric Gale & Hugh McCracken (guitars), Jon Faddis, John Frosk, Lew Soloff & Marvin Stamm (trumpet), Wayne Andre (trombone), Dave Bargeron (bass trombone & tuba), Dave Taylor (bass trombone), Grover Washington, Jr. (tenor sax), Eddie Daniels (tenor sax, flute), Jerry Dodgion & Hubert Laws (flute), Frederick Buldrini, Harry Cykman, Lewis Eley, Max Ellen, Emanuel Green, Harold Kohon, David Nadien & Matthew Raimondi (violin), Alfred Brown & Manny Vardi (viola), Charles McCracken & Alan Shulman (cello)
"Night Crawler": Bob James (Fender Rhodes electric piano, Oberheim Polyphonic synthesizer), Ed Walsh (synth programming), Gary King (electric bass), Andy Newmark (drums), Ralph MacDonald (percussion), David Sanborn (alto sax), Eric Gale (electric guitar), Randy Brecker, Marvin Stamm, Lew Soloff, Jon Faddis & John Frosk (trumpet & flugel), Wayne Andre & Tom Mitchell (trombone), David Taylor (bass trombone), Jim Buffington, Brooks Tillotson & Peter Gordon (French horns)

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Eapen Chacko said...

A lot of his band members appeared on Earl Klugh's album, "Finger Paintings." These session guys seemed to migrate between the hot artists of the day.