Thursday, February 19, 2015

Previously unreleased live recordings by João Gilberto and Stan Getz coming out next month

George Klabin's California-based Resonance Records will be releasing "Selections from Getz/Gilberto '76" on March 20 in Europe, on April 18 in the USA and on April 20 in Japan (distributed by King International) to coincide with the Record Store Day (April 18th). It will be available only as 10-inch audiophile vinyl LP, but the full album will come out on CD and 2-LP sets probably in time to celebrate Joao Gilberto's 84th birthday (June 10).

Stan Getz and João Gilberto reunite in 1976 with these previously unreleased recordings from a four-night engagement at San Francisco's Keystone Korner, "Selections from Getz/Gilberto '76." This Limited Edition 10" record commemorates performances that are one of the few times this duo collaborated in the 1970's, after their multiple Grammy award-winning 'Getz/Gilberto" released by Verve in 1964, and soon after their second studio reunion on "The Best Of Two Worlds" in 1976.

Resonance acquired the tapes from jazz impresario Todd Barkan, owner of the now-defunct (but very famous in the 70s) Keystone Korner jazz club in SF. They cleared rights with the Stan Getz Estate and the other musicians including Joao Gilberto. As the title suggests, this is a sneak peak of the upcoming full length "Getz/Gilberto '76" due for release (CD & 2-LP sets) in June.

Puerto Rican abstract expressionist painter, Olga Albizu (1924-2005), graces the cover with her artwork "Equilibrium Verde"; Creed Taylor loved her work and selected Albizu's paintings for other Verve releases in the early 60s by people like Bill Evans ("Trio 64"), Bob Brookmeyer ("Gloomy Mondays And Other Bright Moments"), and the seminal Getz' albums "Jazz Samba" (with Charlie Byrd) and "Getz/Gilberto."

This collector's LP (with a limited pressing of 3,000 units) is pressed on translucent green-colored 140 gram vinyl at 33 1/3 RPM by Erika Records. The tracklist includes Dorival Caymmi's "Doralice" (recorded by João & Getz in 1963 for the historical "Getz/Gilberto"), and three songs covered by them on "The Best of Two Worlds" for CBS: "É Preciso Perdoar (Alcyvando Luz/Carlos Coqueijo Costa), "Eu Vim da Bahia" (Gilberto Gil), and "Retrato Em Branco E Preto" (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Chico Buarque), the latter also included by Gilberto on another masterpiece, the "Amoroso" album for Warner in 1977.

Backing João Gilberto (acoustic guitar & vocals) and Stan Getz (tenor sax) are Joanne Brackeen on piano, Clint Houston on acoustic bass, and Billy Hart on drums. [Hart and Houston also performed on "The Best Of Two Worlds".] Prior to his work as president and founder of the Resonance label, George Klabin was the owner and chief engineer of the Sound Ideas Studio in NY, where great jazzmen and Brazilian artists -- such as Thiago de Mello ("Amazon"), Eumir Deodato ("Os Catedráticos 73"), João Donato ("Donato/Deodato) and Flora Purim ("Everyday Everynight") -- recorded many nice albums during the 70s.

未発表発掘レーベルとしてすっかりジャズ・ファンにおなじみとなったResonance Recordsが、今度は、なんと、スタン・ゲッツとジョアン・ジルベルトの76年のライブを送り出します!

言わずもがなの永遠不滅の名コラボ、音楽史上の超大名盤『ゲッツ・ジルベルト』が録音されたのは63年のことで、それから12年あまり。本作にはサンフランシスコの名門クラブ、キーストン・コーナーで行われたライブが収録されています。Resonanceは、スタン・ゲッツ・エステイトはもちろん、ジョアン・ジルベルトを含め参加メンバーの許諾をえて、権利をクリア。このたび、リリースの運びとなりました。70年代において、このコンビの演奏が聴ける作品は、とても少なく貴重でもちろん未発表音源。曲はどれもおなじみながら、この時代らしく、75年にリリースされた『Best of Two World』の収録曲から3曲、そして『ゲッツ/ジルベルト』の収録曲から一曲。このコンビならではの美しい音楽の果実を堪能できます。サウダージ溢れる哀愁のジョアンのヴォーカルと温かみに溢れるゲッツのサックス、また瑞々しく鮮やかなブラジル音楽の響きは、極上です。ジャケット・アートは、『ゲッツ/ジルベルト』『ジャズ・サンバ』等々を手掛けたペインター、Olga Albuizuというのもとてもうれしいところ。盤面もResonanceお得意のカラー・ヴァイナルです。CDおよび2LPとしてのフル・ヴァージョンは2015年または、2016年を予定。そちらの発売も待たれますが、こちらは生粋のコレクターズ・アイテム。ブラジル音楽、ジャズファンはもちろん、アートとしてもうれしいリリース。必携です。

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