Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blu-Spec CD of the Month - "Johnny Hammond: Gambler's Life"

Blu-Spec CD of the Month
Johnny Hammond: "Gambler's Life" (CTI/Salvation) 

Produced by Larry Mizell & Chuck Davis
Arranged by Larry Mizell & Johnny Hammond
Engineered by David Hassinger, Val Garay & John Mills @ The Sound Factory (Hollywood, CA, USA)
Cover Photo: Pete Turner
Album Design: Sibbie McDonough

Featuring: Johnny Hammond (electric piano, synths), Al Hall (trombone), Fonce Mizell (clavinet, background vocals, trumpet, vocal arrangements), Carl Randall, Jr. (sax), Jerry Peters (piano), Chuck Davis (synthesizer programming), Mel Bolton, Melvin "Wah Wah" Ragin & John Rowin (electric guitar), Tony Dumas & Henry Franklin (bass), Harvey Mason & Fritz Wise (drums), King Errisson (congas), Larry Mizell (solina, background vocals), Stephanie Spruill (percussion, vocals), Fred Perren (background vocals)

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