Friday, October 5, 2007

"Jet Set Brasil" released today in Europe, including "O Passarinho"

"Jet Set Brasil" is being released today, October 5th, 2007, in Europe by One Trybal Srl, and distributed by Halidon.

One of the main tracks is "O Passarinho", the song co-written by Arnaldo DeSouteiro, Ithamara Koorax and Gazzara which became a radio and dancefloor hit in this European past summer after its inclusion on Gazzara's "Brother and Sister" album as well as on the sountrack of the TV reality show "La Pupa e il Secchione". The CD tracklist also includes tunes by Earth Wind & Fire ("Shining Star"), Nicola Conte ("Jet Sound"), Deodato with Daniela Mercury ("Conmigo" - sic), and funk legend James Brown ("Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose").

A private party will happen in Rome, tonight, to celebrate the compilation release.
Dopo il grande successo dei precedenti Montecarlo, New York e Mockba, ritorna la serie Jet Set, questa volta incontrando i caldi ritmi latini del Brasile. In Jet Set Brasil si trovano Gazzara & Ithamara Koorax, Nicola Conte, Deodato & Daniela Mercury, Mina, ma anche i remix in chiave Carioca di James Brown, o Earth, Wind & Fire.
“Jet Set Brasil”
Various Artists
Genre: Dance, Electronica
Styles: House, Chil Out, Tecno, Trance, Dub, R&B
Release Date: October 5, 2007
Format: CD
Label: FR/Halidon
Catalog Number: FRCD 16

Barcode: 8030615011018

Compiled by Stefano Colombo
Alex Zull0 - Executive Producer
Mastering @ Swiss Traxx Studio, Zurich
"Jet Set" is a brand of One Trybal UK Ltd.
Gazzara – Arranger, Composer, Fender Rhodes, Producer, Programming
Ithamara Koorax – Vocals, Vocal Effects, Composer
Arnaldo DeSouteiro – Producer, Vocal Arrangement, Composer, Percussion
Marco Lamioni – Slide Guitar, Additional Production
James Brown - Vocals
Bob Salton – Executive Producer
Deodato – Keyboards, Arranger, Vocals, Producer
Julia Bernat – Digital Transfers
Dan Anderson – Engineer
Nicola Conte – Producer, Arranger
Earth Wind & Fire – Performer
Daniela Mercury – Vocals
S-Tone Inc. – Performer
Rosalia de Souza - Vocals

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