Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fusion CD of the Month - "Salaberry & Friends: Rhythm of the Spirits"

Fusion CD of the Month
Salaberry & Friends: "Rhythm of the Spirits" (Tratore)
Rating: **** (musical performance & sonic quality)

Produced by Salaberry
Associate Producer: Guilherme Canaes
Cover concept and photos: Salaberry
Cover setup: Roberto Stefanelli
Recorded between January and August 2018

Featuring: Salaberry (drums, percussion, kalimba, voices), Derico Sciotti (flute), Fulvio Oliveira (guitar), Jorge Pescara (electric bass), Fernando Moura (piano), Augusto Mattoso (bass), Chico Wilcox (electric bass), Marcos Romera (keyboards), Chico Wilcox (bass), Sandro Haick (guitar, keyboards, percussion), Ed Cortes (sax), Claudio Rocha (electric bass), Mauricio Marques (keyboards), Flavio Lira (electric bass), Michel Freidenson (keyboards), Mayra Mello (flute), Fernando Molinari (electric bass), Marco Bosco (percussion, samples, beatbox), Chico Martins (electric bass), Tarcisio Edson Cesar (guitar)

On his ambitious 8th solo album, "Rhythm Of The Spirits," renowned São Paulo-born (and currently Miami-based) drummer Roberto Sallaberry, reunited an all-star cast of 20 Brazilian musicians and recorded them in nothing less than 19 different studios. Bass stylist Jorge Pescara shines on his duo number with the leader, "Invocation," while brilliant guitarist Fulvio Oliveira sounds creative and flawless on all his appearances, most notably on "Winds From The East," "Voices" and "Before The Rain." A top class fusion adventure.

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