Monday, December 6, 2010

Spiritual Events this week in the LA Area

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* Releasing Negative Attachments: The Art of Cord Cutting
* Business Speed Dating & Social Media Class
* Higher Self Voice on Self Help
* Candle Magick Worshop
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* CRYSTAL SALE! 10th Annual Crystal Matrix Holiday Sale!
* Saturday with a Shaman
* Astral Projection
* KRISTIN REITTER Performing LIVE instore & signing copies of her cd, “Beyond Illusion”
* New Moon Ceremony
* The Assembly of the Great Law of Attraction
* Alexandra Cabri Autumn Collection TRUNK SHOW
* Petra Korn presents "Gemcombs" workshop
* Find Your Own Answers Psychic Development Workshop By Holly Mae Howar
* Shamanic Voyage - Guided Meditation
* Teachings from Dr. Sha's Book, TAO I
* Eckankar Book Group Discussion "Past Lives, Dreams & Soul Travel"
* Reclaiming Your Power! with Dane Stevens
* Reiki Share - Intro & Demo
* Brad Kronen's Zodiac Series: Gemini
* Talk to the Dead -- No Long Distance Charges
* Tarot Basics 101 - Suits & Elements of the Minor Arcana
* SOUND HEALING/SELF HEALING ~ Tune Your Body as an Instrument of Wellbeing
* Book Signing The Magic of Merlin and King Arthur By Gordon Strong
* Victorian Glass Seance Group
* Intro to Clairvoyance
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* The Work of Byron Katie®
* Akashic Records for Christmas

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* Sunday Celebration Services
* Exercising Your Sixth Sense
* My Body, My Life

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