Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book of the Month - "CTI Jazz Guitar"

Book of the Month
"CTI Jazz Guitar Book - The Best of CTI Records" (Shinko Music)

A new bible for jazz guitarists, guitar enthusiasts, and CTI fans in general.
Includes the full scores of such landmark recordings as the title tracks from Jim Hall's "Big Blues," Kenny Burrell's "God Bless The Child," and Wes Montgomery's "Road Song."
The 130-page book, lavishly illustrated with rare pics and the original CTI LP covers, also features solo transcriptions of CTI tracks as recorded by Larry Coryell, Gabor Szabo, Joe Beck, Grant Green, Jack Wilkins, Eric Gale, George Benson (from his solo dates as well as from CTI All Stars concerts) etc.
There are also interviews with Coryell, arranger Bob James, and even with a guitarist who has never recorded as a leader for CTI, John Tropea, but who became a cult musician after his performances on Deodato's "Prelude" album.

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