Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cristina Morrison live in NY, tonight!

Tonight, Oct 17th, do not miss Cristina Morrison performing songs from her "I Love" album @ The Norwood (241 W 14th St. - New York, NY). Ph: (212) 255-9300.

She was voted one of the Top 5 vocalists of the year in the 34th Annual Jazz Station Poll, when the "I Love" CD also appeared among the best vocal jazz releases of 2012.

This is music inspired by the cross winds, crashing waves and birdsongs of Galapagos where Cristina resides part of the year in her waterfront home-and idyllic spot in Isabela Island, her previous home for 6 years before moving to America.

The result is an exotically honest sound that strikes pure chords which then lackadaisically mellow out. Akin to the high and low energies of a stroll along a beach in Galapagos or to the dawn or dusk sounds of nature. Never has a jazz artist been able to draw inspiration from the raw nature of Galapagos and inject it with such ease and gusto into her ballads. Highly recommended.

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