Monday, March 1, 2010

"Swing Journal" - March 2010

Cover Story:
Sonny Rollins - Most jazz giants have a great fascination with not only their performance but also their appearance. Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane etc. And on this subject Sonny Rollins deserves special mention .When he visited Japan for the first time with his Mohawk hairstyle in 1963, his overwhelming impact just reminded the title“Saxophone Colossus”. We can easily imagine how surprised the Japanese would be and how this would leave a lasting impression.This guy is a living legend and is even today the greatest Jazz improviser alive. His next suprise is surely just around the corner. The legend continues.

Serial : The Truth Behind Masterpieces -
Liner Notes Tell A Golden Era of Jazz Giants: Cannonball Adderley
Sonny Rollins Discography
Violinist, Naoko Terai Plays 'My Songs'
The Amazing World of Original Jazz Discs-Reports of US Used Discs Discount Sale at Shinjuku
Serial :Jazz Masterpieces Story- Capitol
Listen up! New Albums of Talented Pianists
Jazz Report from Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival
Serial :Here Comes New Masterpieces
Serial :Yasukuni Terashima's Jazz Lounge-Pianist,Composer Junko Moriya
Chihiro Yamanaka's essay "Day by Day"
Questions For Jazz Beginner
Hot News: Overseas New York Jazz Monthly Topics
Hot News: Domestic
Jazz on Air
The Monthly Disc Review
Top Chart
This Month's Gold Disc
Import Discs
New Discs Release Information
Fascinating Jazz EP Discs Part.2 ~ from Dave Brubeck to Marilyn Monroe
The Dawn of Crossover Jazz-Vocal Age
Marcus Miller & Christian Scott Talking about Miles Davis
Let's Dig The Re-Issued Discs
What's up now! SJ Focus
Readers Plaza : Jazz Spot Pilgrimage Returns / Readers / Jazz All nighters By Tatsuo Sunaga / Jazz West Coast Swing Street : Yozo Iwanami / Music / Movie/ Study
Q&A Live Report Comin' Soon!
Live & Jazz Spot Guide
Jazz Sound & Visual
KENWOOD new mp3 Player"Media Keg"
SJ's Choice New Component New "Woody" Head Phone Victor HA-FX70
Musician's must item!? BOSE L1 Compact system
Crystal Disc『Jam at Basie featuring Hank Jones』
Sound Quality Of New Discs

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