Thursday, March 4, 2010

CDs of the Day - "Johnny Alf"

Johnny Alf - Série "2 em Um" (EMI CD 1994) includes the albums "Ele É Johnny Alf" (1971) and "Nós" (1974)
"Ele É Johnny Alf" - Recorded in São Paulo
Produced by Mario Duarte, Executive Producer: Milton Miranda
Musical Director: Lindolfo Gaya
Vocal Arrangements: Sidney Morais
Arranged & Conducted by José Briamonte & Elcio Alvarez
Featuring: Johnny Alf, Heraldo do Monte, Claudio Bertrami, Dirceu
"Nós" - Recorded in Rio de Janeiro
Produced by Simon Khoury, Executive Producer: Milton Miranda
Musical Director: Lindolfo Gaya
Arranged by Egberto Gismonti, Paulo Moura, Wagner Tiso, Gilberto Gil & Ivan Lins
Conducted by Mario Tavares, Arthur Verocai & Paulo Moura
Featuring: Johnny Alf, Victor Assis Brasil, Tenório Jr., Copinha, Nelson Angelo, Toninho Horta, Luiz Alves, Robertinho Silva, Mauricio Einhorn et al.

"Da Bossa Velha À Bossa Nova" (Audi-Book CD) 1993
Released only in Japan, this ultra-rare compilation includes the original recording of "Rapaz de Bem," a tune written in 1953, and certainly the first samba-jazz ever composed!
"Libera Nos" (Lexington) 1994
Another Japanese compilation, produced by Minoru Wakasugi, it included "Canto Pra Pai Corvo," one of the two songs by Johnny Alf that became dancefloor hits in both the European and Japanese acid-jazz scene. The other tune was "Tema Pro Simon," included on the best-selling CD "Primitivo," which helped to introduce Alf to younger generations.

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