Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Swing Journal" - April 2010

Cover Story:
Brad Mehldau has no boundaries in the way he approaches his music and has the potential to become the most creative pianist in the contemporary jazz world.The evolution of jazz is often slowed by the heavy weight of past styles but
Mehldau's fresh technique introduces a new and youthful sound. In his new album "High Way Rider," you can hear his innovative arrangement of orchestration and beautiful piano touches as if he captures a vibration of the moment that particles of sound give off in the air. This too, is surely the sound of a new generation of jazz.

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Serial: Chihiro Yamanaka's essay "Day by Day"
Questions For Jazz Beginner
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New York Jazz Monthly
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The Japanese Jazz Disc Story Part1: The prewar and postwar generations
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Jazz Session on YouTube: What is the New Trend by Using the Internet?
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Hikari Ichihara Meets "BOSE AWMSII "
Accuphase DG-48 & DF-45
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