Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vocal CD of the Month - "Scot Albertson: Urge To Croon"

Vocal CD of the Month
Scot Albertson: "Urge To Croon" (SA)

Produced by Scot Albertson
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ P.P.I. Recording (New York City, NY) by Chris M. Fabrizi & Scot Albertson
Album Design: Eric Witzer
Art Concept & Direction: Scot Albertson
Photos: Christos Rafalides, George Small, Scott Friedlander, Mayu Saeki

Featuring: Scot Albertson (vocals), Matt Baker & George Small (acoustic pianos), Sean Conly (acoustic bass), Vince Cherico (drums & percussion), Christos Rafalides (vibes), Ron Jackson (Eastman 7-string guitar), Mayu Saeki (flute)

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