Sunday, July 28, 2013

CD/DVD Set of the Month - "Orquestra À Base de Sopro de Curitiba & André Mehmari"

CD/DVD Set of the Month
"Orquestra À Base de Sopro de Curitiba & André Mehmari" (Estúdio Monteverdi)

***** (musical performance, video & sonic quality)

Produced by Spinfilmes
Video Director: João Marcelo Gomes
Director & Executive Producer: Sebastião Interlandi Júnior
Musical Director & Conductor: Gabriel Schwartz
Engineer: Victor França
Editing: Lucas Gandhy Andrade & João Marcelo Gomes
Graphic Design: Adriana Alegria
Photos: Sergio Mendonça & Alice Rodrigues

Arranged by Gabriel Schwartz, André Mehmari, Davi Sartori, Léa Freire & Luis Otávio Almeida
Conducted by Gabriel Schwartz
All compositions by André Mehmari, except "Ponta de Areia/San Vicente" (Milton Nascimento-Fernando Brant), "Agora Eu Sei" (Moacir Santos) and "Francisca" (Toninho Horta)
Filmed live @ HSBC Theater (Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil) on June 12, 2011

Featuring: André Mehmari (acoustic piano), Davi Sartori (electric piano), Marsal Nogueira (acoustic bass), Graciliano Zambonin (drums), Iê dos Santos (percussion), Mario Conde (electric guitar), Sebastião Interlandi Júnior (flute), Clayton Rodrigues (flute & piccolo), Gabriel Schwartz (alto sax & flute), Jacson Vieira & Otávio Augusto (clarinets), Alexandre Ribeiro (bass clarinet), Victor Gabriel Castro (alto sax & flute), Sérgio Monteiro Freire (tenor sax), Ozéias Veiga & Douglas Chiullo (trumpets), Alexandre Santos & Osmário Estevam Júnior (trombones)

A top-class band (led by the multi-talented Gabriel Schwartz) with a top-class soloist (the awesome André Mehmari), performing beautiful tunes in brilliant arrangements. Both the video and sonic qualities are simply superb in this impeccable production. Subtleness abounds on Mehmari's phrasing and touch (the man is a quiet virtuosi), as well as on the intelligent orchestrations. One of the best DVD releases of the year!

1 comment:

ESTEVAM JUNIOR, Osmário said...

Thank you!
I am one of the trombone players! We play because we like, in Brazil there is no money to instrumental music! These sounds are in our blood and sweat! The dear and great Mehmari represents us very well. Compliments like this are essential to the continuity of the group.
Hugs and lots of notes for everyone!