Monday, August 2, 2010

CD Compilation of the Month - "The Best Is Yet To Come"

CD Compilation of the Month
"Pirouet Jazz Compilation Vol. I - The Best Is Yet To Come" (Pirouet)

A collection culled from 10 acclaimed releases (there are 2 tracks from drummer Bill Stewart's "Incandescence" album) by the Munich-based label Pirouet Records, featuring tracks by Bill Carrothers, Marc Copland, Tim Hagans, Pablo Held, Achim Kaufmann, John Ruocco, John Schröder, Bill Stewart, Lee Konitz, Walter Lang and the label head Jason Seizer.

The sidemen list is equally impressive, including Gary Peacock, Billy Hart, John Taylor, Riccardo Del Fra, Drew Gress, Kevin Hays, Larry Goldings, Jim Black and many others.

1. Tim Hagans: "See You Again"
2. Pablo Held: "Forest Of Oblivion"
3. Bill Stewart: "Toad"
4. Walter Lang & Lee Konitz: "Way Too Early"
5. Marc Copland feat. John Abercrombie: "River Bend"
6. John Ruocco: "Kuk Kuk"
7. Bill Carrothers: "Home Row"
8. Achim Kaufmann: "Stanley Park"
9. Jason Seizer: "Time Being"
10. John Schröder: "Mood 1697"
11. Bill Steawrt: "See Ya"

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