Monday, March 24, 2014

Jazz CD of the Month - "Shirazette Tinnin: Humility, Purity of My Soul"

Jazz CD of the Month
Shirazette Tinnin: "Humility, Purity of My Soul" (Hot Tone Music) 

The simultaneous release, last month, of new Hot Tone Music CDs by Mimi Jones (Balance), saxophonist Camille Thurman (Origins), and drummer Shirazette Tinnin (Humility: Purity of My Soul) places the label at the forefront of bringing recognition to the increasing prominence of world-class female musicians in the jazz arena.

Drummer Shirazette Tinnin debuts on Humility: Purity of My Soul, working with her band, the Shirazette Experiment: pianists Willerm Delisfort and Rachel Eckroth, guitarist Seth Johnson, bassist Tom DiCarlo, and singing tenor saxophonist Camille Thurman. Seven of her compositions are included, along with arrangements of songs by Eddie Harris ("Freedom Jazz Dance") and McCoy Tyner ("Passion Dance"). Tia Fuller, in whose band Shirazette has played for the past three years, and the Angolan vocalist Afrikkanitha make guest appearances on the new disc.

Shirazette was born in Chapel Hill, NC in 1979, the daughter of gospel singers who performed up and down the East Coast. After getting her B.A. in Music Industry Studies at Appalachian State University, she studied at Northern Illinois University, earning her master's in music. Tinnin worked and recorded with flutist Nicole Mitchell and, at a jazz festival, met trumpeter Gabriel Alegría, who invited her to come to New York (in 2009) and join his Afro-Peruvian Sextet, with whom she has recorded and regularly toured in the U.S. and Peru. Tinnin also reconnected in New York with Mimi Jones, whom she had met a decade earlier in North Carolina. She has organized several bands over the years, including Imani 7. When she's not playing music, Shirazette works as a personal trainer.

Mimi Jones, Camille Thurman, and Shirazette Tinnin performed together at APAP, New York in January, and with their respective bands at the Hot Tone Music CD release show @ Le Poisson Rouge (also in NY) in February.
The Shirazette Tinnin Experiment EPK
The Shirazette Tinnin Experiment EPK

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