Sunday, April 1, 2012

CD Box Set of the Month - "Madonna: The Complete Studio Albums"

CD Box Set of the Month
Madonna: "The Complete Studio Albums" (Rhino) 2012

Limited edition clamshell 11-CD box set including all Madonna's studio albums for Warner between 1983 and 2008. In other words, an essential part in the history of pop music. Madge may be well past her musical best these days - though her army of dedicated fans would naturally disagree - but it shouldn't be forgotten that she's produced some of the standout pop moments of the last three decades. This 11-disc retrospective, released in Europe last March 22, revisits that long and fruitful career, charting her rise from rebellious New York club babe to elder stateswoman of pop via fashion icon, film star and gas-pumping sex pest. Each of her 11 albums issued between '83 and '08 is here in remastered & expanded form and packaged on mini-LP sleeves, alongside a smattering of bonus cuts, extended mixes and forgotten B-sides from the first 25 years of her career.

As the world's biggest selling female artist of all time, Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie is not just the Queen Of Pop but one of the most influential artists on modern music. Since her debut album, released in 1983, she has worked tirelessly to reinvent herself and her music through three extremely successful decades and has built a huge and dedicated fan base worldwide. Although not including the soundtracks neither many significant singles or songs from greatest hits compilations, this is a brilliantly compact set (conceived by the Warner UK guys) and a perfect way to own Madonna's amazing catalogue at a very reasonable price.

The discs:
1. "Madonna" released July 27, 1983, 5 x Platinum, 10,000,000
2. "Like a Virgin" Nov. 12, 1984, Diamond, 21,000,000
3. "True Blue" June 30, 1986, 7 x Platinum, 25,000,000
4. "Like a Prayer" March 21, 1989, 4 x Platinum, 15,000,000
5. "Erotica" Oct. 20, 1992, 2 x Platinum, 5,000,000
6. "Bedtime Stories" Oct. 25, 1994, 3 x Platinum, 6,000,000
7. "Ray of Light" March 3, 1998, 4 X Platinum, 16,000,000
8. "Music" Sept. 19, 2000, 3 x Platinum, 11,000,000
9. "American Life" April 22, 2003, Platinum, 4,000,000
10. "Confessions on a Dance Floor" Nov. 15, 2005, Platinum, 10,000,000
11. "Hard Candy" April 29, 2008, Gold, 4,000,000

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