Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The 7 Virtual Jazz Club announces the winners of the 2020 edition!

Congratulations to organizer Valerio Pappi and to all the artists who took part of the fifth edition of the 7 Virtual Jazz Club Contest! I'm deeply impressed with the extremely high level of musicianship. That was, definitely, the edition with the highest level of finalists. We had fabulous newcomers, established professionals and even such famous musicians as the legendary bassist Chuck Israels - I've been a fan of his work since his Bill Evans days till the albums with the Metropole Orchestra and Claudio Roditi. 

I would like to feature: 

1. Aubrey Logan, a superb singer, with impressive technical skills and an amazing vocal range. She's a vocal instrumentalist, actually, a true musician. She sings in front and "within" the band, at the same time. Aubrey Logan really deserves to become a true worldwide jazz star.

2. What a thrill to have Chuck Israels on this contest! A true living legend, although still somehow underrated, he personifies musical elegance and sophistication since his early days with Bill Evans. Also a brilliant arranger (I love his work with large orchestras in Europe), Chuck appeared here with an impeccable trio, showcasing the timeless seduction of the American standards. Lovely combination of bass, trumpet and guitar a la Jim Hall. IMHO, Chuck would deserve a hors-concours prize. 

3. A flawless performance by the fabulous Rachel Terrien. Her flugelhorn sound & approach on "V For Vena" evokes memories of the late Canadian master Kenny Wheeler. But she's already her own woman.

4. Already a mature artist, Tawanda Suessbrich-Joaquim is gifted with a warm and velvety voice that fits perfectly with the Rhodes-like keyboard sound. Great performance of a gorgeous standard.

5. The Jason Mountario Big Band impresses by the magnitude of the performance and the high level of the arrangement, full of complex dynamics and orchestral colours, evoking the best moments of Jurgen Friedrich and Maria Schneider. 

6. Davide Battista is a trumpet prodigy, a true musical phenomenon. Of course he still has to develop in many aspects, but his potential is really impressive. 


Press Release:

7 Virtual Jazz Club's Contest 2020 Edition: Winners Announced!

The winners of the fifth edition of the global jazz contest promoted by the 7 Virtual Jazz Club association have been announced. A female podium for the Pros&Amateurs’ category!

The 7 Virtual Jazz Club is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 edition of the contest.

Pros & Amateurs’ Category

The jury prize for the best musician (€ 1,000 plus a live concert in the Jazz Club Ferrara - Italy) has been assigned to the Brazilian vocalist Camila Ronza which presented the song “Nilopolitano". Second Prize (€ 1000 plus advertising) to the English saxophonist Alex Hitchcock for “Points of contact". Third Prize to Aubrey Logan feat. Hagelsag for “Airport codes" and to the Canadian trumpeter Rachel Terrien for “V per Vena”.

Under 25 Category 

The Jury prize for the best Under 25 (One year proposal contract offered by JazzMedia & More plus a live concert in the Jazz Club Ferrara - Italy) has been assigned to the Italian pianist Tommaso Perazzo which presented the song “The rocket blues”. Second Prize (€500 plus a live concert in the Jazz Club Ferrara – Italy) to the band NAUSYQA for “To those who fight”. Third Prize: Spanish band Chai Masters for “Bulerìa".

The Taklit Publishing & Promotion agency gave the honorable mention to the young Italian trumpeter Davide Battista and Indonesian guitarist Daniel Dyonisius.


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