Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Steven Maglio swings at Patsy's Sinatra Birthday Bash

Yesterday, singer Steven Maglio honored his favorite singer Frank Sinatra by singing tunes made famous by the one and only Chairman of the Board, at Mr. Sinatra's well known hangout and favorite restaurant, Patsy's.

Celebrating which would have been Mr. Sinatra's 96th birthday yesterday, Patsy's Chef Sal Scognamillo served up a delicious meal (and many of Frank's favorite foods), and a great show (broadcast live via WOR Radio), to a packed house of Sinatra fans and celebrities.

During the luncheon Mr. Maglio entertained the crowd with a variety of Sinatra's favorites songs. "Being invited to sing at Patsy's to celebrate Frank Sinatra's birthday, honor his legacy and his songs, is a dream come true. It's my favorite day of the year!" said Mr. Maglio.

WOR Radio's Joan Hamburg interviewed a few stars who shared their personal stories about Sinatra, including Tony Danza, Robert Davi, and Judy Collins.

After hearing Steven Maglio sing, Tony Danza kindly commented "I like Steven's singing because he pays attention to those minor details that make a song popular, and then puts those details into his own renditions. That's one of the marks of a great singer."

Steven Maglio continues to swing every Saturday evening at NYC's Carnegie Club along with the 11-piece Stan Rubin Orchestra as part of two shows: "Sinatra: Remembering the Sands" at 8:30PM followed by "Sinatra Songs" at 10:30PM.

Patsy's is located at 236 West 56th Street, New York, NY.
The Carnegie Club is located at 156 W. 56th St., New York, NY.

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